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Hung, Liang-Yi
Position: Vice President for Student Affairs
Email: em50301@email.ncku.edu.tw
Email: lyhung@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Tel: (06)2757575#50301
Wu, Yu-Ting
Position: Associate vice President for Student Affairs
Tel: (06)2757575#50308
Wang, Shih-Yi
Position: Secretary
Tel: (06)2757575#50305
Description of duties:
Verification of Official Documents, Planning & Auditing of Annual Budget, Communication & Coordination of Affairs Across Different Divisions, Evaluating & Drafting of Mid-term Plans, Evaluating of Student Affairs' Effects.
agent: Cheng, Chin-Tsai / Su, Ling-Chu
Cheng, Chin-Tsai
Position: Administrative Assistant
Tel: (06)2757575#50309
Description of duties:
Manage official documents、emails, Compile the report of Student Affairs , Control and inspect the ISO quality system, Conduct telephone decorum project, Organize general and administrative meetings, Manage related affairs for the competition of Service Quality, Network performance survey , Manage scholarship for graduate students and student's part-time job, Webpage and Bulletin Board management , E-group and service account management for Student Affairs, Affixing the Document Seal.
agent: Wang, Shih-Yi / Su, Ling-Chu
Su, Ling-Chu
Position: 行政專員
Tel: (06)2757575#50310
Description of duties:
Arranging Superintendent Itinerary, Liaison Center of Southern-area Universities & Colleges' Student Affairs, Compile the report of Student Affairs.
agent: Cheng, Chin-Tsai / Tsai, Li-An
Tsai, Li-An
Position: general maintenance workers
Tel: (06)2757575#50300
Description of duties:
Janitor & Filing Official Documents, Environment Cleaning.
agent: Wang, Shih-Yi / Su, Ling-Chu