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We implement the orientation program for the freshmen to make them understand and adapt the university life as soon as possible.

The safe and warm university community
To create a safe and warm university community, we regularly carry out campus and several educational programs on traffic-safety, escape and evacuated drill, doom visiting inside and outside campus. In addition, we shoulder on 24-hour hot line to assist students in emergency or needing help. We organize ?#39; Escorting Angle in the night ?#39; and ?quot; An Volunteers Groups in the campus ?quot;. They enable students to take care of and help each other. more......

Club Activities
There are more than one hundred student clubs right now, divided into the following six categories: Academic and Arts clubs, Recreational clubs, Sports clubs, Ministrant clubs, Fraternity clubs and General clubs. Also, there are departmental student associations of each department in NCKU. more......

Financial Aids
In order to help students who have outstanding grade and from poor families, the university not only offer public funds and loans from the Ministry of Education, but also has established scholarships and grants to assist those who are in need of financial help.

Social support to minority groups
To support minority groups including the disable and overseas Chinese and foreign students, we set up special programs including counseling, consultation and special equipments to fit their needs in life.

Career counseling and service
We help students develop their career by providing counseling in the exploration of their own characteristics, special disposition and interests and the suitable and enjoyable work that will allow them to maximize their potential, We also provide reach information about all national exams , entrance exams of all graduate institutes and job market status. Moreover, we run seminars for campus recruitment , and giving special lectures on employment , arranging visits to business sectors etc more......

Graduation and Blessing
With prosperous and diverse experience in our university, students graduate and pursue their dream happily and confidently make the dream come true in the future.